Who are we ?

The Aberhart Robotics Republic (ARR) is the William Aberhart's First Robotics FTC team. The team spans all grades with many variations of skill levels. We look to emphasize the skills of each individual, whether that be programming, engineering or photography. We will be competing in early 2017 with the robots we designed and programmed. This is a place where students get to be challenged but also have fun! Each Wednesday we come together to share our love for all things tech and bond over the joy of building robots.

What is FTC?

FTC stands for FIRST Tech Challenge. It is a competition designed for students in grades 7-12 and places them in head to head competition with one another. Teams are given a 10 week period to build the robot that they will compete with. The challenge is designed to engage kids in programming and mechanical thinking. The impact of involvement in first is well documented. First students are more involved in school and preferred by universities. However, the most important part of FIRST is being part of a team and community and bonding with likeminded students.

The Robots

These robots are the fruits of our labor. They are a collaborative effort between all students of the club working together to create something wonderful.

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Captain Spack Jarrow

Lego Mindstorm

Spack Jarrow might be the worst robot you've ever heard of but at least you've heard of him. He is a work in progress and is primarily used as a learning tool. He maybe rough around the edges but hes beautiful on the inside. His programming is functional and fun as it plays the Pirates of the Caribbean theme song as it runs.

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Lego MindStorm

Terminator likes flowers and long walks on the beach, he's single and ready to mingle. especially with a well programmed lady robot. Terminator is built to be versatile and can pick objects up with ease. He is currently in the process of being rebuilt to escape a room.

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Prototype Competition Robot

FTC Build Kit

Currently we are in the stages of exploring our given material and learning how to mold it into a fully functioning robot. Our current robots function is intended to be a pusher; it will be able to move certain objects of large mass across a linear distance via input from a controller/application software hybrid.